Job van Mierlo 1

Job van Mierlo

Senior Trademarks & Designs Advisor

"We always want to improve. We are constantly working on that."

Jelle Maarleveld 2

Jelle Maarleveld

Senior Trademarks & Designs Advisor

"From start-ups to established organizations, we advise everyone on their first step towards a strong trademark."

Just Rijken 1

Just Rijken

Trademarks & Designs Advisor

"To maintain the value of your trademark it is very important to renew your trademark on time."

Dylan Vervoort 2

Dylan Vervoort

Trademarks & Designs Advisor

"Advising and assisting a client in an optimal way is what gives me a lot of energy."

Mitchell de Reus 3

Mitchell de Reus

Trademarks & Designs Advisor

"Innovating and improving, that’s what Merk-Echt is so good at."

Matthijs Ausems 1

Matthijs Ausems

Trademarks & Designs Advisor

Ilse Spanjers 2

Ilse Spanjers

I guide trademark holders in various procedures.

"I guide trademark holders in various procedures."

Claudia Obbens-Timmermans

Claudia Obbens-Timmermans

Senior Paralegal

"Protecting different trademarks on a daily basis makes our work unique each day."

Marjolein van Zundert 2

Marjolein van Zundert

Senior Paralegal

"We help entrepreneurs get the best out of their trademark."

Gijs Velenturf 4

Gijs Velenturf


"The workplace atmosphere is personal and informal. Our clients feel at home here as well."

Linde Bloemers 1

Linde Bloemers (LL.M.)

Senior Intellectual Property Counsel

"To see one of my client’s trademarks in trade is special."

Maud van den Nieuwenhuijzen 3

Maud van den Nieuwenhuijzen (LL.M.)

Intellectual Property Counsel

Manon Voerman

Manon Voerman (LL.M.)

Intellectual Property Counsel

"Merk-Echt is an ambitious company with a young and involved team."

Myrthe Mulder 1

Myrthe Mulder

Intellectual Property Counsel

"We fulfill what we stand for and we believe in what we do."

Saskia de Wilde

Saskia de Wilde (LL.M.)

Senior Intellectual Property Counsel

"Following the developments in the market and how these are translated to trademarks is interesting."

Melinda van Os 3

Melinda van Os (LL.M.)

Intellectual Property Counsel

"We are always focussed on growth, innovation and improvement."

Noortje Kee 1

Noortje Kee (LL.M.)

Senior Intellectual Property Counsel

"We are in touch with different parties, and we always keep an eye on the client’s interest."

Robin van Gulik

Robin van Gulik (LL.M.)

Senior Intellectual Property Counsel

"By watching trademarks you ensure the good protection of your trademark."

Ruben van Houtem

Ruben van Houtum (LL.M.)

Intellectual Property Counsel

"Going for maximum results together with a client. This is what makes me get up in the morning. "

Willem Majoewsky 3

Willem Majoewsky (LL.M.)

Senior Intellectual Property Counsel

"Offering a client the best and appropriate result gives me a lot of satisfaction."

Anne de Ridder-Jochems 3

Anne de Ridder-Jochems (LL.M.)

Intellectual Property Counsel

"I find it important to unburden my clients so that they can fully focus on their passion."

Merel Janssen 3

Merel Janssen (LL.M.)

Intellectual Property Counsel

"Working for an enthusiastic, motivated and young company gives me a lot of energy."

Benthe Slippens 4

Benthe Slippens (LL.M.)

Intellectual Property Counsel

Coen Groenenberg 1

Coen Groenenberg (LL.M.)

Senior Intellectual Property Counsel

"I like to be involved with the innovative developments of entrepreneurs."

Inas Chemali 2

Inas Chemali


"Every day is different here. This is what makes this field so fun."

Tommy de Batz 3

Tommy de Batz


"Due to the diversity of the work, I am never bored. "

Chiara Zapico van Es 1

Chiara Zapico van Es

Priscilla Smits 1

Priscilla Smits

HR Advisor

"We stand for quality, and this is visible in our results."

Isabelle Hoefsmit 2

Isabelle Hoefsmit

Hester Blüm 1

Hester Blüm

Senior Financial Administration Employee

Kim Steinmetz 1

Kim Steinmetz

Financial Administration Employee

Maartje Paes 5

Maartje Paes

Senior Online Marketer

"Merk-Echt is a dynamic and ambitious company that wants to serve its clients in the best possible way."

Marloes den Hollander 7

Marloes den Hollander

CRM Marketer

"We make sure you as an entrepreneur have the certainty of a protected trademark."

Merel Goossens 1

Merel Goossens

Hanneke Docter 2

Hanneke Docter

Process & Quality Coordinator

"Our involvement with a client’s trademark application is from beginning to end."

Kasper ter Stege 2

Kasper ter Stege


"Our drive is working flawlessly in its entirety and to constantly keep improving all processes."

Philippe Hoefsmit

Philippe Hoefsmit


"Innovation is key to stay ahead of the competition and to offer an outstanding service."

John Velenturf

John Velenturf

Senior Advisor

Olivier Hoefsmit 2

Olivier Hoefsmit

Operations Director

"Merk-Echt grows each year, it is therefore necessary to always have good insight in finance."

Daphine Venselaar 3

Daphine Venselaar

Commercial Director

"Our team is completely organized, this way we make sure your portfolio stays up to date."

Patrick Hoefsmit 1

Patrick Hoefsmit


"Merk-Echt is the most efficient Dutch trademark firm."

Buddy 3


Office dog