Benefits of online trademark management

Managing a trademark 1


All your trademarks’ details in one spot. Simple and clear.

Managing a trademark 2


All your trademarks and data secured.

Managing a trademark


No outdated overviews or file folders. All data is up-to-date. Always. 

Online trademark management system

If you make us your trademark portfolio’s representative, we will first ‘screen’ your portfolio.  We’ll then check if the scope of protection of the portfolio is still up-to-date. We’ll continue to  check the protection of your trademark annually with a periodic check. This service is free of  charge. Through our ‘trademark-management system’ My Merk-Echt ® you’ll have easy access  to the portfolio which means you can always check all current information. The trademark data is  carefully checked by our legal experts. As your personal brand guards, we take trademark  protection very seriously. You will be able to access the portfolio with a personal account  through a secure connection to ensure maximum protection. 

Did this spark your interest? Get in touch with us at 076-5148403 or send an email to [email protected]. We’ll be happy to take care of everything for you.

Free switching service to Merk-Echt

If you have one trademark or multiple trademarks, you possibly already have a representative or  an intermediary. Some of these representatives charge monthly or annual fees per trademark. At  Merk-Echt we execute the trademark management for free. Besides, we are also specialized in  centralizing trademarks to one orderly portfolio. You will then only have one point of contact  and all your trademarks will be managed online in a professional and consistent way. This is  efficient and very useful in case of any possible conflicts.

We’ll arrange the switching from your current representative to Merk-Echt for free. We’ll take  care of everything for you: we’ll cancel the previous mandate, request all the files and take over  the existing services such as trademark surveillance. Of course, we’ll also take over any possible  ongoing trademark conflicts.  

As a trademark attorney we can do the following for you: 

  • Monitoring deadlines 
  • Renewals of trademark registrations and design registrations 
  • Checking the region and classification 
  • Trademark surveillance (including free legal advice) 
  • Conducting opposition proceedings against new trademark applications that harm your  trademark rights 
  • Giving guidance in legal procedures 
  • Recording business agreements with other trademark owners 
  • Periodic check of your trademark portfolio 
  • Centralizing of a trademark and/or design portfolio
  • Working out a trademark strategy and drafting an annual trademark rights budget • Providing the trademark owner with fiscal and legal advice

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