Approach trademark surveillance EU

We’ll assess, among other things, the similarity between the trademarks, between the goods and/or services and between the country or region. Subsequently we’ll estimate the legal chances of success. Do we come across a trademark application that’s a potential risk? Then we’ll quickly notify you and we’ll provide you with advice on how to deal with this. Want to know more on our trademark surveillance?

Trademark surveillance notices

We’ll only contact you when we find possibly conflicting, new trademark applications. When no infringing trademark applications are identified, you will therefore initially hear nothing from us. No message therefore means: good news! You’ll then decide if the identified new trademark application is problematic for your trademark. If you want, we can lodge an objection quickly and within the opposition period and we can take the next steps in time.

Fees trademark surveillance EU

Trademark surveillance EU

European Union €18,33 per month

Trademark surveillance in the Benelux, WIPO and the EU registers and all registers of the EU countries. Optional word mark or device mark. Invoice €220 per year 1 class
(€60 per extra class per year).

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Do you want to know more on the possibilities of trademark surveillance? Please contact us without any obligations at 076 – 514 84 03 or send an email to We’ll be happy to help!

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