Have certainty with a free name search

Suppose that you have invested a lot of time, money and energy in your brand. And then, when you apply for your trademark, a third party objects. If this objection is sustained, you can no longer use your trademark. All of a sudden you have to develop a new brand and modify your marketing campaign. In other words: you are stuck with a lot of extra costs.

By having a trademark search executed on time, you will know in advance if your trademark has already been registered or applied for by other parties. This way you can properly assess the chances of success of your trademark and you will prevent unnecessary registration costs and trademark conflicts.

A Google search is not enough

Searching for your name on Google does provide some information, but this is far from a complete search. By relying on a Google search, you will risk jumping to conclusions or drawing an incorrect conclusion. Why? Because sometimes a new trademark is not yet online and is therefore (yet) untraceable online, or because a trademark registration covers more products or countries in practice than you can find online. Basically, the internet does not give a complete answer. Trademark searches executed by professionals on the other hand, do.

At Merk-Echt, we find such a trademark search so important, that we offer a free identical name search for each Benelux or EU trademark application. The costs for these searches are included in the fixed price for these trademark registrations. 

Our legal counsels have searched for over 40.000 names. Over 18.000 of those went on to become real trademarks ® .

Different kinds of trademark searches

There are different kinds of trademark searches. You can choose between an identical, extensive or full name search. There is also the possibility of a logo (device mark) search.

Examine for free if your trademark can be registered

Apply for a free name search today and get a risk analysis with legal advice and an offer without any obligations. This way you will know if your trade name or product name can (still) be registered as a trademark and what the costs are, should you choose to apply for your trademark.