What is a trade name right?

When you use your company name as a trade name, you already have protection per the Dutch  Trade Name Law. However, the scope of protection from the Trade Name Law is limited: your  trade name is only protected in the region where you are active under that name, and you must be  able to prove this.

Why should you protect your trade name as a trademark?

You probably have already registered your company name or trade name at the Commercial Register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. And you probably also use the company name in trade. This is a good start, but this does not yet give you the exclusive right to your name. And  since your name represents a value that only goes up as you get more successful, having the  exclusive right to your name is very important. Your name represents your company and the  products and/or services that you offer. It distinguishes you from your competition, and it’s the  sign through which your customers recognize you. It’s vital that no one else can use your trade  name. 

Protect your trade name or company name as a trademark

The best way to protect your company name or trade name is to register the name as a trademark.  When your name is registered, it is protected for the entire region and you are permitted to use  the ® – sign with the trademark. This sign prevents misuse and makes it possible to enforce the trademark against other parties. Your company’s reputation is also optimally protected.

Good trade name protection is one of the cornerstones supporting the growth of your company.

But, before proceeding to trademark registration, it is very wise to have the trademark registers checked first to find out if the trademark is still available. At Merk-Echt we execute an identical name search for free.

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