What does trademark renewal entail?

  • Checking the name and address details of the trademark holder;
  • verifying the products and/or services for which the trademark originally was registered;
  • paying the official taxes to the public trademark authority for the renewal of the trademark registration;
  • corresponding with the public trademark authorities.

Merk-Echt will subsequently remain your trademark representative for a new period of 10 years.

Beware of dubious offices and misleading invoices

It is possible that you will receive unofficial renewal notifications or calls from malicious offices before your trademark registration expires. Organizations such as ARPI, BMV Benelux Merken Vernieuwing en Organisatie Intellectueel Eigendom Benelux may try to convince you to renew your trademark at high cost (see complete overview). 

We advise you not to respond to these letters or calls but to contact us instead. Please call 076 – 514 84 03 or send an email to info@merkecht.nl.

Ask your question

We will be happy to tell you all about the renewal of your trademark.