Protection of an idea: how does it work?

The i-DEPOT can serve as a means of evidence in case of a conflict. With this document you can  prove you had a certain idea, concept or method prior to the other party. But beware: the i DEPOT offers a specific certainty, but it does not create an independent intellectual property  right. It is not a substitute of any existing intellectual property right, such as a copyright,  trademark right or design right. 

Our legal counsels can draft an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for you, for the best  protection. Such an agreement enables you to share your idea with other parties in a safer way  and it reduces the risk of idea theft by these parties.

What are the costs of an i-DEPOT?

Merk-Echt can file an i-DEPOT for you. You will receive an official filing number so that  anyone can see that your idea or concept has been filed as an i-DEPOT. The one-off costs for  these services are €250, – excluding VAT and including the official taxes. The i-DEPOT has a  validity of 5 years and can be prolonged for periods of 5 years. The costs of an extension are  €175, – excluding VAT and including official taxes. 

When we represent your trademark, design, domain name or i-DEPOT, we always give you a  timely heads up when your rights can be renewed. Read more about our services on trademark renewal. More information on protection of your concept or idea through the i-DEPOT? You can contact us without any obligations by calling 076 514 84 03 or by sending an email to [email protected].

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