Merk-Echt the #3 Trademark agency in the Benelux in 2016

Patrick Hoefsmit

According to the WTR1000 list of the World Trademark Review™, the world's only independent daily news and information service dedicated exclusively to reporting on trademark issues for in-house and private practitioners internationally, Merk-Echt BV continues its growth path. It was only in 2012 that Merk-Echt entered the top 10 of the Benelux so to reach the top 3 only four years later is a nice achievement. Of the seven Dutch companies in the list, Merk-Echt is now the number 2.

With Merk-Echt, we’ve integrated all of the services you need as an entrepreneur to handle your copyrights and trademarks issues. Registering your brand is just the beginning. Merk-Echt can also be your personal brand guard; by checking all the trademark registers to warn you of a conflicting trademark application, but also by researching all online sales in your products and/or counterfeits of your products. And based on the detected infringements start legal action to safeguard your brand.

We’re truly proud of the time and energy our team invested in making this a solid, technically sound company that’s in it for the long haul. There are too many fly-by-night registrationproviders on the internet already. Too many misleading invoice senders and overpriced lawyer firms without IP knowledge that create a bad name for our industry. We are also proud of our clients who trusted us, recommended us to their clients and suppliers by word of mouth, and helped us to improve our services.

That’s our promise: we’re committed to elevating our service in order to elevate your brand value by protecting your intellectual property with whatever it takes. We are convinced that our effectiveness will make the difference, not a reactive business that's always running to catch up, but a proactive business that's able to stay ahead of the competition and the copycats.

We love nothing more than the incredible feeling of justiceship through the power of trademark law. We’ve spent decades working with start-ups, global corporations, and entrepreneurs. We understand the challenges people face when trying to grow, and we’ve seen the unfairness when they were ripped off from their honest and deserved earnings only because they did not realise the importance of registering their name, idea, product or service on time.

At Merk-Echt, we’re passionately committed to helping you maximise your earnings with what is legally yours.